Yogi bhajan predator

I used to hate men. And, all the while, as I attended a male-dominated college, and entered into a male-centric profession, I was diligently working to emulate what I perceived to be characteristic masculine competence: unfailing rational mind, incisive wit, and relentless fortitude.

My core feminine essence and the locus of my intuitionon the other hand, seemed to be crumpled into the garbage each month with my empty birth control pack. As a self-identified feministI was deeply conflicted, invested in egalitarian politics around gender aptitude and opportunity and simultaneously relishing every opportunity to feel validated in my pervasive sense of victimhood around how I and women have been wronged by men since the beginning of time.

I would have read PremkaWhite Bird in a Golden Cage, My Life with Yogi Bhajanand learned the story of a year-old seeker who, in the s, was held hostage by a malignant guru who held indentured slaves for several decades of his tenure as a self-proclaimed spiritual master, a sexual predator, liar, and manipulator who played with his devotees lives like pieces on a chessboard.

yogi bhajan predator

I would have felt confirmed in my already held belief that men are fundamentally incapable of handling power without corrupting it and abusing those in their midst. I would have roiled in disgust and indignation. Had I already been certified as a Kundalini yoga teacher, as I am today, I might have even thrown out all of my books, abandoned my early morning meditation practice, and erased the video files in my online programs.

And I would have wrapped another cozy layer around my many layers of felt victimhood, dependency, and ultimate powerlessness that, themselves, reflected the pain of my own self-judgment, recrimination, and rejection.

yogi bhajan predator

It may be possible that we have reached the developmental adolescence of our collective consciousness on this planet. We have lived a figurative childhood rife with abuse, disconnection, and survival-oriented thinking for millennia that has, until this point, served us.

We operated, culturally, from an atomistic perspective that renders every man and woman, fundamentally isolated, on a planet with scarce resources, and competitive forces at play. In this primitive psychology, an entity is only ever good or bad, and we fight the bad, hiding our own badso that we can feel good.

At least for a little while. We have brought this psychology to our interactions with externalized authority figures such as government officials, CEOs, doctors, and group leaders, and we have parentified these entities and institutions. In fact, we have vested the qualities of the good parent into the institution of medicineitself.

We are still, in our little childlike hearts, longing for the trustworthy guide who will take care of us. So we trust Fox News.

We trust our oncologist. We trust our husband. We trust the FDA. We trust our daughter.

Harbhajan Singh Khalsa

We are trusting the idealized projection we are putting on them to never do wrong, to never be bad, and to live up to our fantasy expectations of their goodness. This is when our fusion and symbiosis with the idealized entity or belief system ruptures into an unresolvable difference, revealing our individuality and in a way that feels dangerous and terrifying because we have only ever known safety through a kind of merger.

There is a moment when we feel personally violated or betrayed. This black-and-white thinking is the bedrock of victim consciousness that is ultimately the driver of suffering, in my opinion.

Victim consciousness blames others for our pain. And it, fundamentally, divests us of our power because the perpetrator is the one who did this to us. They had the power to take something from us. It feels validating of a feeling we have that we were, indeed wronged, and our needs unmet earlier in our lives. In fact, the only way we might know to experience a little foothold of control may be to feel right about being wronged.

My friend Charles Eisenstein has referenced that when you judge another, you might consider that you would make the exact same decision as they have if you had lived their entire life in totality up until that point.

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So, when we are condemning someone for their inbuilt badness, we are reifying our own superiority, which may itself be an illusion that serves as a balm to the ego and an aching injury to the soul that knows otherwise. Indeed, when we point fingers at anything outside of ourselves for our experience of painwe are investing the power to hurt us in another.

The Disturbing Mainstream Connections of Yogi Bhajan

But what if we are the ones who have to give another the power to hurt us? What if, as Byron Katie says, only you can hurt you? If even through the story you tell about what happened? Premka describes her 16 years of working as General Secretary for Yogi Bhajan, a larger-than-life guru who, inis credited with bringing Kundalini yoga to the West.I did have an image of Yogi Bhajan.

I used his quotes, I used his image a lot. However, the Copenhagen-based teacher was clear about what Yogi Bhajan did. We have amended our website to reflect our stance. There were some voices in support of Yogi Bhajan. Scanning for the various responses, Asia Samachar came across one respond that was rather dismissive of the issue.

What is there to change now? She appeared in a sharing along with a fellow director Shiv Charan Singh.

Unlike most teachers, they have had personal engagements with Yogi Bhajan as and when he visits Europe. Bhajan, whose real name is Harbhajan Singh Puri and worked as a custom officer in India, moved to the United States in He is also credited to have brought the Sikh teaching to Westerners as a band of white, black and coloured men and women, not of Punjabi origin.

Many traditional Sikhs were impressed to see the legion of Westerners, donning an all-white attire, doing kirtan and reading the Sikh scripture Guru Granth Sahib.

The book, and the subsequent response from the Kundalini Yoga community, is believed to have prodded the 3HO group leadership to launch an official investigation into the allegations against Yogi Bhajan, which has since see more women coming forward with their own grievances.

I was never in there, I never became a Sikh. Pamela had taken a court case against Yogi Bhajan and his organisations inwhich was settled out of court. See here. She fought. For that, I bow to her. She broke the silence. On KRI, she said she was now no longer sure if she wanted to maintain her affiliation with them. And a lot of apathy being disguised as neutrality. I believe that apathy is very dangerous thing in our world. She questioned if the Bhajan-linked organisations were doing the right thing because it was the right thing to do or their hands were forced.

Oh how these modern gurus loved their Goriyas! Download and read this pdf for free online: Geoffrey D. Falk — Stripping the Gurus.

Reveals the true nature of these godmen. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Novel Vaisakhi cheer for novel coronavirus lockdown. Malaysian Sikh family keeps up Vaisakhi tradition. VaisakhiIndoor: Live-stream prayers and home-cooked meals. What makes you happy? This date is the backbone of our nation, says American Sikh….

The Khalsa mission.Written by Be Scofield, M. It was May So many people. And some of them have guns. They are crazy and they love me that much. Not long before this conversation, Steiner had a phone call that changed everything for him. When Steiner arrived he quickly found out. He only spoke four words. He knew. And soon after Yogi Bhajan knew that he knew. Two months later in July Steiner wrote a letter to the Kundalini Yoga community.

He sent it to the directors of the Kundalini ashrams around the world. Steiner was attacked by the Kundalini leadership for his action. In the days and weeks since her book came out, many people have come forth sharing their stories of physical, sexual and cultic abuse by Yogi Bhajan in a Facebook group.

They, along with the wider Kundalini yoga community are grappling with a paradox of how someone of such great spiritual power and societal influence could also have abused that power for evil.

Woodstock music festival began with a Kundalini Yoga class taught by Tom Law, a member of the hippie group called the Jook Savages. Law had studied with Yogi Bhajan in L. Bhajan tapped into the zeitgeist of the Woodstock generation to create something that left a sizable impact on the cultural landscape.

Bhajan opened Golden Templeone of the first-ever vegetarian restaurants in the L. Bhajan also gave birth to a generation of Kundalini yoga teachers who have become famous in their own right. It became the largest studio in the world after she taught Cindy Crawford, Madonna, and Pamela Anderson prenatal yoga and meditation.

The sexual abuse allegations have been known for many years. Senior teachers like Harijiwan, Tej and Guru Jagat have played a central role in covering them up and attacking the victims. In Bill Richardson was named in the Jeffery Epstein scandal. Bill Richardson. Oprah loves the Kundalini yogi musician Snatam Kaur. And the Kundalini music troupe White Sun won a Grammy award. Kelly Brogan is a Kundalini devotee, connected to the inner circle as well. Hundreds of thousands of people have practiced his Kundalini Yoga all over the world.

Celebrity teachers travel the world offering classes to sold-out crowds. The question many Kundalini practitioners and teachers are wondering now is, can they separate the teachings from the teacher? Steven Hassan, Cult Expert. A long-time student and employee named Kate Felt alleges that Yogi Bhajan brutally raped her at the age of twenty while her sister, Guru Amrit Kaur Khalsa, helped. Felt first got involved when she was around 13 and quickly became enamored with Bhajan and the teachings.

At 18 Bhajan had arranged for Kate to marry a man named David, who later became a Sikh. Felt alleges in her lawsuit that a few years later Bhajan raped her. She recounted the experience in an interview years later.Five years ago, I walked into a local Kundalini studio and left 60 minutes later wondering: what the hell was all that about?

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To me, this class was not yoga. Nor was it my kind of hatha-inspired yoga with sun salutations and oms. Anyone who takes up Kundalini yoga will tell you the timing needs to be right. Some elements can appear to be cult-like to a newcomer. For instance, everyone is dressed head-to-toe in flowy, stark-white linens, and carrying rolled-up sheepskins. Silence of the Lambs anyone?

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Teachers introduce themselves in their spiritual names. And then there are the turbans, the trance-inducing mantra music, and endless monotone chants.

But while kundalini may seem peculiar or intimidating on the surface, all traditions make sense once explained. Kundalini is a school of yoga influenced by Tantra and Shaktism schools of Hinduism. Each class consists of pranayama breathworkasana movementmantra chantingmudra hand placement and meditation. There are thousands of kriyas or sequences, each targeting something very specific in the body and mind, like anxiety, digestion, fear, mental clarity, seasonal affective disorder and emotional resilience.

With so many moves to work with, each class is distinct — this variety has strong appeal to those craving something different. Before deciding if kundalini resonates with you, Uttaamjeet Kaur recommends trying a series of classes because they are all unique. One class can be physically very demanding while the next may include a lot of mantra and meditation. When I tried kundalini again this year after a 5-year break, I loved it. This time, I was open to something different and I floated out of the class with a tingly body and a clear, awake mind.

Immediately, I felt more alive. My intuition was heightened. I felt lighter. I even looked different. After kundalini, grocery store clerks and friends have told me I have a certain glow.

Yogi Bhajan and the Kundalini Community: Premka’s Own Your Self Journey

Yogi Bhajan said: kundalini will generate a radiance. I have no idea if there is scientific proof for this phenomenon, but I can share my personal experience that kundalini makes my mind and body feel great. Kundalini classes are popping up like wildfire around the world because the techniques work quickly. It brings about immediate results. It gives you a way to encounter yourself, a way to release awareness within you in a concentrated time.

She made it cool, fashionable and fun. Trained by Yogi Bhajan himself, Guru Jagat holds accessible, fun classes, lacking the often monk-like persona many kundalini traditionalists convey. Guru Jagat on the road. Credit: Ra Ma Institute. With celeb followers like Alicia Keys and Kate Hudson, she frequently shares kundalini-inspired beauty secrets for a great complexion — apparently, ice-cold showers are good for keeping skin tight.Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.

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King Kirpans Accessories. Sikh Quotes Religious organisation. Recent post by Page. Kundalini Yoga is not a Part of Sikhism. The entire account from this former student of yours is posted below along with screen shots of her post and her comments along with others in the group. He would be at the studio when I was preparing to teach and would want to discuss philosophy, tell me stories about YB, engage me with mantras, etc.

At first I thought it was innocent but one day the heater was broken and I arrived to teach and the studio was cold. He offered me a wool scarf that he was wearing around his neck. He then offered me a slice of a mandarin that he was eating. No students showed up that day but I was required to stay for the full length of my class slot until the next teacher came.

He asked my to join him in singing some mantras. By the time I got home, there was a voice message waiting for me. He said that he had something to confess. That somehow we had entered a spiritual contract. That as our karma would have it we were married.Bhajan, 75, died Oct. The event will be broadcast live over the Internet to yoga centers and ashrams all over the world. On the eve of his memorial, they recalled the early days when Bhajan was a good-looking Indian mystic in his 30s, who wore a turban, a long black beard and black velvet shoes turned up at the toes.

Like other hippie gurus of the late s, Bhajan claimed to possess the ancient wisdom to soothe their drug-addled minds. But students flocked to him. Women so adored him, it became an honor just to wash his feet.

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Men longed for his approval. They trusted him to arrange their marriages and select their careers. Within a few weeks of arriving here, Bhajan had a green-card sponsor in singer Johnny Rivers, who then introduced him to an antiques store owner. He gave us a way to live in marriage, in relationships, how to raise children, what to eat, how to even use the power of cold water, how to heal yourself. Over the years, Bhajan achieved remarkable recognition from governors, legislators, heads of state, and other religious leaders -- the pope and Dalai Lama among them.

Mark Udall D-Colo. Bill Richardson ordered flags flown at half-staff.

Was Yogi Bhajan (Master of Kundalini Yoga) A Fraud?

His bearded image appears in nearly every kundalini studio in the world and on every box of his Yogi Tea, the product of the second largest herbal tea company in the U.

While many see him as a tireless missionary whose only goal was to serve humanity, others considered him a brilliant cult leader and masterful con man who lived the life of a rock star by exploiting his followers. She says he made an especially memorable impression by reading her mind during dinner. Come and see me. I can help you. A daily chant for 40 days before dawn would do the trick, he said.

And sure enough, Shakti says, it worked. Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa was Mary Mae Gibson back then, divorced and childless after the death of her infant son. She was traveling around the country, dropping acid, taking diet pills and living in a tent, bartering for food with walnuts she found in the woods.In an article in the Santa Fe Reporter, "Khalsa vs Khalsa," journalist Corey Pein reported on the dramatic schism erupting between the students and family of the late Yogi Bhajan, who are feuding in Oregon courts over control of Bhajan's religious and financial empire.

The group's largest company, Akal Security, has reportedly earned billions in contracts relating to U. There has recently been a debate in the news about the wisdom of outsourcing security contracts to private entities.

Looking closely at Bhajan's organization, one can't help but wonder why our government officials have not more thoroughly investigated a group with such questionable history. Akal Security started out in as a small company that hired only Yogi Bhajan group members. According to the company's websiteAkal guards provide security for 26 Army and Air Force bases and installations.

They are guarding our country's major airports, our busiest public transportation systems, and major corporate and commercial interests. The head of the empire, Yogi Bhajan, died in New Mexico in at the age of seventy-five. Born Harbhajan Singh Puri, he arrived in the U. He soon renamed himself Yogi Bhajan. He said he was a well-known holy man back home in India. In reality, in India, Bhajan had been merely a civil servant, a customs inspector. Members of Yogi Bhajan's group claim to be Sikhs.

However, according to mainstream members of the religion, by adhering to the doctrine of Yogi Bhajan, they are violating more traditional Sikh teachings. Yogi Bhajan's teachings are closer to a synthesis of Kundalini yoga, tantric and New Age practices than anything originating from Sikh teachings. The audacity of Yogi Bhajan's claims makes this story particularly alarming. Bhajan taught, among other things, that he could see auras and see into the future.

But perhaps his most outrageous claim was that he was the official religious and administrative leader of all Sikhs in the Western world. I am told that most legitimate Sikhs avoid any association with Bhajan's group, and that Yogi Bhajanism is by no means representative of the five-century-old Sikh tradition whose homeland is in the Indian Punjab. Over the past thirty years I have helped former members who alleged sexual and psychological abuse by and under Yogi Bhajan.

There have been allegations of various criminal activities, and also Security Exchange Commission convictions of members of Yogi Bhajan's inner circle.

The “Weird Yoga” Diaries: Notes from a reluctant Kundalini convert

Several former students of Yogi Bhajan claim that when attempting to leave the group, they were threatened with violence. There is an unsolved murder of a member that is still under investigation, and also haunting suicides. I was getting up at am, taking a cold shower each day. I did way too much extreme breathing and yoga exercises, too much chanting and fasting, combined with too little sleep.

We worked all day and taught yoga classes at night. We did everything as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I am disturbed that this group has grown to be so mainstream, politically connected, and wealthy. SinceSikh Dharma has hosted an annual New Mexico Legislative Luncheon, and every year a representative of Sikh Dharma offers a prayer at the New Mexico legislature's inaugural session.

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