Df player mini datasheet

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This scheme serves not only for the music player, but also to allow voice functions for a parking barrier device or a robot, among others. This assembly will allow for the placement of a recorded voice in the apparatuses.

This voice will be natural and not synthesized. For most people, these are preferable features compared to the standard alternatives. Obviously, an adjustment will be required on the pins. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. It has output to two speakers and audio input. The buf variable, which is of type String, will serve to store the data coming from the Arduino Serial, which will be the commands for the MP3 module. In this step, we put options of prints to give you indications that it is mounting the circuit, with evaluations of false conditions, for example.

You control this entire assembly through the serial monitor.

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So each time, the scheme will be printing the Options Menu you have, with commands, directions. EQ equalizacao ; Serial. Question 8 months ago on Introduction.

In your instructable of making a MP3 player with an Arduino, the diagram in step 4 seems to have a voltage regulator in it, but I don't see it referenced anywhere in the text. Is it absolutely essential, or could I pull 5V off of the Arduino? Do you have one you recommend? Am I missing anything? Thanks for the help. By Fernando Koyanagi Visit my Site! More by the author:. About: Do you like technology?

Follow my channel on Youtube and my Blog. In them I put videos every week of microcontrollers, arduinos, networks, among other subjects. Add Teacher Note. We'll start by defining the libraries and constants we'll use with our code.

Start by creating one object, the serial software, and another, which is myDFPlayer. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Answer Upvote. AndrewH 1 year ago.Please enter your details below and we will send you an email when this item is back in stock. You will only be emailed about this product! Cheapduino 5Pcs.

Beetle - The Smallest Arduino Board with bluetooth 4. Total amount: [[currency]][[togetherChouseinfo. This tutorial here is just to show you how to connect DFPlayer module with Arduino and speaker and the Arduino sketch provided here just to play few sample sounds I collected from Internet. Project 2.

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How to Make an Automatic Christmas Tree With all the lights and decorations that people use at Christmas, power is left on all the time and electricity bills skyrocket. I made this motion detecting Christmas tree light setup that only turns on when people are nearby. These toys accompanied them throughout their childhood. Now let's make a frog. Bluno Beetle controller 2. Analog Sound Sensor compatiable with Arduino 4. Player module.

Fast forward to Maker Fairewhere I had the pleasure of meeting the Particle team and several of the Elites, I noticed one of the latter was building a word clock as well. That's what gave me the final motivation to build one myself. Luckily I saw him struggling with soldering well over a Neopixels for over a day, and I decided mine would have to be simpler. One of the other Elites had made an interesting project with an RGB matrix, which sparked the idea that those two might make a great combo.

Project 5. This is a simple but fun application for Halloween. All you need is a mask, a stepper motor, a micro-controller, a motor driver, a MP3 module and some wires as well as batteries. Project 6. How to Make A Pet Wearable.

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df player mini datasheet

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Introduction Sing for the moment! Through a simple serial port, you can play the designated music without any other tedious underlying operations. Car navigation voice broadcast; Road transport inspectors, toll stations voice prompts; Railway station, bus safety inspection voice prompts; Electricity, communications, financial business hall voice prompts; Vehicle into and out of the channel verify that the voice prompts; The public security border control channel voice prompts; Multi-channel voice alarm or equipment operating guide voice; The electric tourist car safe driving voice notices; Electromechanical equipment failure alarm; Fire alarm voice prompts; The automatic broadcast equipment, regular broadcast.

Project 1. Player module Project 4. Death Star word clock Fast forward to Maker Fairewhere I had the pleasure of meeting the Particle team and several of the Elites, I noticed one of the latter was building a word clock as well.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Support for asynchronous serial communication mode via PC serial sending commands Communication Standard bps Data bits :1 Checkout :none Flow Control :none. We use the AD module keys, instead of the traditional method of matrix keyboard connection, it is to take advantage of increasingly powerful MCU AD functionality, Our module default configuration 2 AD port, 20 key resistance distribution.

Note: For simple use ,the upper diagram is ready,But if you find the noise is quite loud, then you could attach an 1K resistor to the TX pin.

NOTE : The order you copy the mp3 into micro SD card will affect the order mp3 playedwhich means play 1 function will play the first mp3 copied into micro SD card. It is really annoying. So you can run following command in terminal to eliminate those files. Connect the hardware as the picture above shown and play with the sample code. NOTE : The folder name needs to be mp3, placed under the SD card root directory, and the mp3 file name needs to be 4 digits, for example, " If you want to name it in Both English and Chinese, you can add it after the number, for example, "hello.In this post we are going to construct an Mp3 player using arduino and DFPlayer.

The proposed article has two Mp3 player designs, one with push button control and another one with IR remote control. We will also take a look at DFPlayer Mp3 player module and its specifications. We all love music, we would like to hear it while at gym, reading, moments before sleeping or while soothing our self after a hard day work.

Constructing a music player at home few decades back was a near impossible for an electronics enthusiast because of constructional complexity due to mechanical components. In those days only limited number of songs could be accommodated in a cassette. Replicating a song to another cassette was a nightmare too.

Mp3 Player Using DF Player – Full Design Details

But now, thanks to advancement in electronics an Mp3 player can be made from scratch with your pocket money. The heart of the project is DFPlayer which is a small Mp3 player module which can accommodate micro SD card and can be controlled using a microcontroller. It has in-build amplifier which can drive 3 watt loudspeakers in stereo or mono. It has bit digital to analog converter DAC which is pretty good for such low cost and compact module.

Learn How To Interface DFPlayer Mini MP3 Module With Arduino

It supports sampling rate of 8KHz, It can support up to 32GB micro SD card. It supports up to folders, each folder can be assigned up to songs. It has 6 different levels of equalizer; and 30 levels of volume adjust control.

It can operate from 3. By now you would have familiar with DFPlayer and its specification. You can purchase this module from e-commerce sites or from local electronics market. The above circuit is very simple; the arduino sends commands to the DFPlayer module to control the songs. The user can input their choice via push buttons. If you find any distortion in the sound at higher volume levels, power the DFPlayer module externally at 5V DC with common ground connection between arduino and DFPlayer.

The above design is simple as the push button based; the only difference is removal of push buttons and inclusion of TSOP IR receiver. The received signal from IR remote is fed to A0 pin of arduino. Now to control this Mp3 player you need a spare TV, or any other IR based remote which might be lying on your junk box.

You need to choose the buttons on the remote and find its Hexadecimal codes of those buttons which will be transmitted by the remote. To find the hexadecimal code, download the IR library if not done so. Open the serial monitor and press the buttons on remote, you will see the hexadecimal codes, note it down to corresponding button on piece of paper.

You need to enter the hexadecimal code on the program given below.What would be the quickest and dirtiest way in my loop to tell the DFPlayer Mini to play a track? Having it in loop or calling a function that contains that command from within loop does not make any difference in terms of executing the command over and over.

Either way you need to wrap the command in some kind of condition test as Moors7 already suggested e. There is a pin on the DFPlayer Mini that can be used to check whether a file is played or not. IIRC there is also a command to instruct the module to loop-play all tracks 0x11 or the tracks of a specific folder 0x17 - this way you start once and when you want to finish send the stop command 0x I have had success with 0x0Dbut in that case all I needed to do was append 0 0 and it works like a charm.

BELAJAR 40 PEMROGRAMAN ARDUINO - Play Music Menggunakan DF Player Mini

Prior to that I had them in the root of the disk and prior to that I had them in a folder named mp3…. But in order to have that work you need to have your mp3 files named as four digit numbers with leading zeros e.

Sorry - bit demoralised - cannot crack this thing. Any tips?

df player mini datasheet

I might just go to bed and try again tomorrow with a clear head. Never a bad idea! Bloody hell. Thank you James. OK, so I copy pasted your files, downloaded the.

I feel sure I will now be able to control which one I want to ruddy play!! I have got a new set of DFPlayer Mini chips and - the good news - these ones work!!

There is only one track on the SD card. Dfplayer con pic 16fa. Moors7 March 9,pm 2. ScruffR March 10,am 3. Sorry…not a programmer…this grows ever obvious… thanks.

ScruffR March 22,pm 5. Thanks Scruff!Module can be used alone with battery power supply, speaker and keypad, or through the serial port control, as the Arduino UNO or any microcontroller with a serial port module.

Learn How To Interface DFPlayer Mini MP3 Module With Arduino

Can be done by simple serial command plays the specified music, as well as how to play music and other functions, easy to use, stable and reliable! Log In or Register. Advanced Search.

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Your cart is empty. New Products - more. Featured - more. IO control mode, serial mode, AD key control mode The broadcast language spots feature, you can pause the background music being played. Advertising finished playing back background sound to continue playing The audio data is sorted by folder, supports up to folders, folders can assign every Tracks 30 level adjustable volume, 6 level adjustable EQ Applications Car navigation voice broadcast Road transport inspectors, Fee station voice prompts Train station, bus station security check voice prompts Electric power, telecommunications, financial operating room voice prompts Multi-channel voice alarm or voice guidance equipment operation Electrical and mechanical equipment failure alarm Fire alarm voice prompts Automatic broadcasting equipment, regular broadcast Package list Mini MP3 Player x 1 Document Arduino Library V2.

Add to Cart:. Customers who bought this product also purchased LM Audio Amplifier Module. Important Links. Reviews - more. Write a review on this product. Featured Products All ProductsHi guys, welcome to this tutorial. Some of the features of the DF player mini include:. The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the use of this module with Arduino, using the push buttons to instruct the Arduino to send serial commands to the module and control mp3.

We will use three buttons to achieve this. The connection is described below for clarity.

Learn How To Interface DFPlayer Mini MP3 Module With Arduino

Go over the connections once again to ensure everything is as it should be. Our switches are intentionally connected without pull up or down resistors because we will enable the Arduino internal pull up resistors. To send commands from the Arduino to the DFplayer mini, based on the button pressed, we will use the Arduino software serial library.

While we could have used the hardware serial to send commands from the Arduino to the DFplayermini, the Arduino hardware serial pins 0 and 1 are the same pins used by the Arduino to communicate with the computer and may prevent code to uploaded smoothly if connected to any other device. So to communicate in a stress-free manner we will use the software serial library with pins 10 and The code for this tutorial is simple, while the DFPlayer mini has a library which contains different functions for controlling the mp3 player, we will write our own functions for the fun of it and to help show how the module really works.

The first thing we do in the code, as usual, is to include the libraries that we will use which in this case is the software serial library, creating an object of the library while declaring the Rx and Tx pins 10 and 11 respectively.

df player mini datasheet

With this done we start the software serial communication with a baud rate. Next, we play the first song on the storage device using the playfirst function and set the isPlaying boolean variable to true to indicate that one of the files is currently playing. The complete code for the project is available below and can be downloaded from the download section of this tutorial.

Load an SD card with songs and insert into the DFplayer mini, then upload the code to your Arduino and connect the wires from speaker to the speaker pins of the DFPlayer mini. You should hear songs start streaming out from the connected speaker.

Your final setup should look like the image below. Some of the applications of this tutorials are listed below and I hope it gives you the inspiration to build something really cool. If you get stuck anywhere feel free to send your questions via the comment section.

The video tutorial for this tutorial can be watched on youtube here. The ground from Arduino to player should not go there. It should connect to the other ground on the player to prevent unwanted noise. You mean the other ground should also be connected to the common ground?

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